Thursday, December 20, 2007

Learning to blog

Well, this is my first ever blog entry. I was trying to create a good title for my page by inserting the word "blog" into a title of a Tom Petty song. I ended up using "Bloggin down a dream" because i figured more people would get the joke that way. There were a few good canidates however.

Such as:
I won't blog down
Don't blog around here no more
Love is a blog road
American blog
Blogged again (I don't like it)
Blogs on the run
The wild blog, forever
Mary's new blog (that would have made no sense)
Mary Janes last blog (the runner up)
Free bloggin'
I need to blog
Don't blog me like that
Even the bloggers
Here comes my blog
I'll blog a whole lot better
Yer so blog
The apartment blog
You don't blog how it feels
Don't blog on me
Honey blog

Anyways, you get the point. I probably should have just called it "Learning to blog" since I don't really know what I'm supposed to do on here. Have I mentioned that I love Tom Petty yet?
More to come....


Chris Rohman said...

this is why I love pete. your a great friend. enjoy your in n out burger this week.

Janae said...

Once you discover the blogging feature you won't forget about it.
Just don't forget sign-in and paassword information which seems to be my problem with this site. Gotta remember that my email address is my sign-in lol. Or, I'll forget to update in forever.
Lord gave me something brand new. I am up later than normal, don't know why aside from the fact that I'm a night owl. Usually I'm off this thing, or try to be offline around midnight (pacific time).

Hey Pete I had never ever heard Tom Petty until that Super Bowl show! He is pretty cool!