Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wedding post #1

It has truly been an eternity since I've been able to just be online other than borrowing someone else computer for 5 minutes. My Computer went down on me a few months ago as the last post will show, and since then I have been checking my email and facebook from my phone, but that about the extend of what I can do. However I just got Married!! My wife has a computer that I am on now finally post this blog from. Enough about this.I got Married! Melissa and I got married just over two weeks ago now on Dec 6th. The wedding turned out lovely, and a good amount of our closest family and friends attended. It was held at The Village Chapel in Nashville which is a really cool old church. Here are some pictures of us from the big day! A Huge thanks to our friend Tec Petaja for being the best photographer ever! And of course TOMS shoes were well represented by me and my guys.