Monday, August 4, 2008

what a crazy feeling

So its almost been a week now that I've been engaged. Its so crazy. I had to leave out of town the day after I proposed so it wasn't until Saturday night when I got home that I really got to introduce Melissa as my fiancee, then it really sunk in that I'm getting married. It was really fun going to Target yesterday and walking around with a scanner and zapping things that I wish I could have for married life. Some of the items are obviously ridiculous and no one will get them, but hey, if you're gonna dream, dream big....right? HaHa. Here is an unofficial engagement photo of my future bride and I the night of the big question. Hopefully soon we'll have some sweet engagement photos to show all of you. By the way, I'm getting married on December 6! Crazy, its going to be a busy 4 months.


andra said...

So soon? December 6?
That's awesome!!

Keeli4Jesus said...

Gorgeous couple!
She is so happy!!!!

Matthew said...

Hi, I was wondering what brand guitars you play? I have a Yamaha electric and an Ashton accoustic.

Thanks. :-D

Ashlen said...

Only three days before my birthday!
Congrats on the engagement :)
How exciting!!!
I wish you both a looong and happy marriage!
She's a lucky woman, and I'm sure you're a lucky man :)

On a side night..I got those Paper Route cds I ordered and all I can really say is that's some good listening! 'Second Chances' is my favorite followed by 'You kill me'! Thanks again for telling us about them!

electroluminescence said...

CONGRATULATIONS, PETE! you and melissa are precious and i'm so pumped for you!

love the waterfall photos....BRILLIANT!

& keith green was a very special person... i loved your post about him.... EPIC!

Angie said...


I hope you have a beautiful wedding, and a long and happy marriage!!
We had a December wedding too, on the 30th.

"He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favor from the Lord."
Proverbs 18:22

Rockermom said...

this is a sweet pic - you both look awesome. Congrats again!

Lots of work to do in such a short time, specially with all the concerts coming up...

be blessed!

Cassie-andra said...

Congratulations! December 6th sounds like a great day! :) I'll be praying that all the preperations go well!