Monday, February 23, 2009

Meet my Cats

These are my cats, Petty (if you know me you know who he's named after) and Bingley (Melissa named him, if you love Jane Austen you'll recognize that name).
They were just hanging out in the window today and I snapped a couple pictures of them. They love each other.


newsurrender said...

Cute kitties :-)

Electroluminescence. said...

precious! i'm hanging out with my sweet new kittens... they're best friends... and it looks like your babies are bff too!!!
love that you named them Petty & Bingley... I love Mr. Bingley. your wife has marvelous taste, obviously.
my kittens are named Brigitta [after The Sound of Music] & Caspian [after Prince Caspian from Narnia!]


His Servants said...

Hey Pete,
I know it was a long time ago when you came up to Spokane, WA for a concert in October, but my friends and I would like to thank you from the bottoms of our hearts! After hearing Sammy talk our hearts broke for the people in Africa. Quickly after that we got involved. We launched a continuing campaign to raise funds. Our whole school has gotten involved and it has just been amazing! Please check out our own blog:

Mainly I just wanted to thank you and everything your band has done! You are all such an encouragement! God is definatly working through you in incredible ways, keep up the good work!
~God bless
Sydney E.

missa said...

they are growing up so fast. boohoo

Rockermom said...

Love the cats names, they are tooo cute (thanks for sharing). Lots of love in the Prevost family, lol

Have a great week.

Be blessed!