Thursday, June 12, 2008

Colorado Springs and Delish Fish!

We are in Colorado Springs today playing at Mr. Biggs family fun center. I've decided that we need to do a whole tour of places like this because all day before the show you can do a numerous amount of activities including: bowling, go-carts, batting cages, laser tag, and video games. Keith, the promoter of todays show, heard us on total axxcess saying that our band loved fish tacos. So he had a buffet line of fish taco ingredients for us in catering! Not only that, but they were mahi mahi fish tacos on top of that. Pretty awesome. Also our friend Dale came out to hang out. He works for Westone In-ears. If you ever need In-ears you have to try Westone cause they are amazing.


k_rlaa said...

fish tacos!
jaja, that sounds like a mexican meal!
viva méxico!

electroluminescence said...

i don't even LIKE fish....but that photo is making me hungry! TACOS! delicious!

i absolutely LOVE your sudden explosion of blogs, Pete! keeeep it up. your updates are short, sweet, and STELLAR.
i am so jealous that you got to spend time in California. it's my homeland too and i miss it to the max.
Your car is really ancient and awesome.
and you & Chris DEFINITELY look rather disgruntled cramped together in the back of that SUV.


Westie said...

You guys did GREAT last night! Its been too long since I've see ya'll live and i was so excited to have my SR fix =)

Enjoy our lovely state and good luck on your shows!!

Many Blessings...