Monday, June 9, 2008

Going back home to the west coast.

...Well I actually already went there but that is still a good line from a Coconut Records song. So I took my girlfriend out to California to meet the family and hang out for a few days. It was great to see everyone out there, and the weather was fantastic. Here are a few pics from the trip:

She's happy because she got to try some In-N-Out burger! I don't really own shorts so this is the best I could do.
Pedro's has great fish tacos and burritos! It in San Clemente, Ca.
I took her to see Hollywood and figured since I was there I might as well get a picture of the TP's star on the walk of fame. Which in case you didn't know in less than a month Chris, Dan, myself, and our ladies are going to see him play in Cinncinati! I can't wait.

sorry I don't blog enough.


Rockermom said...

Hey, you posted pics so you're excused for taking so long to post a new blog, lol

BTW, love the pic of you and your girlfriend, she is gorgeous. Glad that you had fun back home with the family.

See you at Creation.

Have a great week.

Be blessed!

Cassie-andra said...

Hey Pete! Good to get an update from you! The trip looks like it was a good time! And that concert sounds fun too!!

Anonymous said...

FINALLY! You posted! For a while there I thought you guys abandoned the fans!
You girlfriend is so amazingly pretty!
Pictures are very nice.
Have fun seeing TOM PETTY!
...lucky duck!