Sunday, June 22, 2008

Being in a band isn't always that Glamorous.

Well I just got back home from a couple shows this weekend. We played at Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom last night and the day before that we were at Atlanta fest which was at Stone Mountain, Georgia this year. As you can see from the photo, loading our gear in to Stone Mountain was not very easy, but we always do our best to get to our shows and don't give up very easily. We're probably the hardest working band in christian music. haha.


andra said...

haha. COOL! :)

Rockermom said...

these pics are priceless. Keep rocking.

Looking forward to seeing you guys at Creation

Have a great week.

Be blessed!

Cassie-andra said...

nice. We appreciate your hard work-first yall have to lug your geer up those stair for the music you're climbing mountains...will Sanctus ever be stopped? lol

Cassie-andra said...

Hey Pete, I saw yall in Toledo today-you were great! Have a safe trip home!!!!!!!!!!! youre in my prayers!

Eric Sapien said...

Greetings from Cali! I see you're a coffee fan. The best coffee in the world is from Maverick's Coffee House in little old Visalia Ca.
Once you have it, you will never go back! Seeing the picture of you guys crammed in the van reminded me of when we picked you up at the Bakersfield airport and drove you to Visalia. I felt bad about that! CYA