Thursday, June 19, 2008

expensive gas, sweet bikes

So I cleaned up my Green Schwinn Speedster and got it ready for the summer. My roommate just got a sweet new Electra bike that rides like a dream.
I decided to do a little bike photo shoot. haha. I'm really excited about riding my bike. The weather is pretty good right now so I think I go for a ride....
...who knows maybe I'll see Robert Plant.


Matthew said...

I've got to say, as someone who's obsessed with bikes, (I even work at a bike shop during the summer) I'm impressed with the condition of your Schwinn.

Ride on!

Cassie-andra said...

its very pretty :) go enjoy the weather!

Rockermom said...

Great alternative - have fun riding your bike and good luck with your paparazzi search, lol

Have a great week. See you at Creation.

Be blessed!